Australian National Identity

Cover - Australian National Identity
  • Australian National Identity
  • Volume 313
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 921507 24 3
  • Year: 2010

Australia is a young and culturally diverse nation which often struggles with how to define its national identity. What does it mean to be an Australian? What are the values and symbols that represent Australian citizenship and patriotism? This book presents a range of opinions on how the national identity has been shaped through Australian citizenship, symbols and values: multiculturalism, tolerance (a ‘fair go’), national symbols (including the flag debate), British colonial influence, indigenous heritage and dispossession, freedom and democracy (including the republic debate), egalitarianism, the landscape (beaches and ‘the bush’), mateship, larrikinism, the Anzac spirit, sporting obsession, outdoor lifestyle, our image overseas, and what it means to be ‘un-Australian’. When does patriotism become provocation? Do we as a people have an ideal or actual view of our collective identity, or should we in fact embrace and celebrate multiple identities?

Chapter 1: Australian Citizenship, Symbols and Values

Chapter 2: Opinions on Australian Identity

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