Disability Rights and Awareness

Cover - Disability Rights and Awareness
  • Disability Rights and Awareness
  • Volume 316
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 921507 27 4
  • Year: 2010

One in 5 Australians has a disability. Although this figure represents a significant portion of Australia’s population, many struggle against direct and indirect discrimination in the form of barriers to basic assistance, services and social inclusion. This book provides an overview of the major disability groups (physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory, neurological, etc) and their core activity restrictions. It also explores the promotion of awareness and understanding; rights and protection under the Disability Discrimination Act; Australia’s inadequate disability support system and the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme; the role of carers and families; accessibility issues; education rights for disabled students; employment of people with disabilities; and legal ethics issues including genetic screening, sterilisation and ‘wrongful life’ cases.

Chapter 1: Disability Services and Support

Chapter 2: Disability Discrimination and Rights Issues

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