Genetically Modified Foods and Crops

Cover - Genetically Modified Foods and Crops
  • Genetically Modified Foods and Crops
  • Volume 309
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 921507 20 5
  • Year: 2010

Recent advances in gene technology are increasingly having impacts on how we produce crops and food for animal and human consumption. Australia already allows the commercial growing of genetically engineered canola and cotton for the purposes of herbicide tolerance and insect resistance, and bans are being lifted in most Australian states after extensive crop trials amid ongoing concerns about cross contamination. This book reveals the latest advances in biotechnology and how Australia is regulating this new agricultural science. Should there be mandatory labelling to declare the presence of GM ingredients in our food? The book also explores the GM debate –  what are the risks and benefits, ethics and concerns involving genetic modification when applied to food, agriculture, human and animal health and the environment?

Chapter 1: GM Foods and Crops in Australia

Chapter 2: The GM Debate

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