Gun Control

Cover - Gun Control
  • Gun Control
  • Volume 428
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 925339 56 7
  • E-book ISBN: 978 1 925339 57 4
  • Year: 2018
  • E-book: $30.00 - pre-order now! (due 23/01/2018)

Twenty-one years ago, federal, state and territory governments united in the wake of the devastating 1996 Port Arthur massacre to reform firearm laws and ultimately halve gun violence in Australia. The recently updated National Firearms Agreement and renewed firearms amnesty consolidates this national approach to gun control. However, Australia’s arsenal of private guns is now larger than it was before the Port Arthur massacre. There are more imported firearms coming into Australian than ever before; at least 260,000 guns are estimated to be currently held illegally in Australia. Crime, terrorism, homicide, suicide – how much do guns actually figure in this deadly mix? Are we going backwards on gun control? This book explores the ongoing gun debate, including arguments over the proposed importation of the Adler lever-action shotgun and a range of opinions on firearms restrictions from both gun control advocates and the gun lobby. Is gun ownership a right or a privilege?