Human Genetics: Ethics and Issues

Cover - Human Genetics: Ethics and Issues
  • Human Genetics: Ethics and Issues
  • Volume 294
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 921507 04 5
  • Year: 2009

Since the 2003 mapping of the human genome, science has prompted complex challenges over how to maximise the benefit and minimise the harm when implementing rapidly expanding genetic-based knowledge. Are scientific advances being held back from producing miracle cures, or are we letting the genome out of the bottle? This fascinating book explains the fundamentals of human genetics and explores a range of considerations and dilemmas including: the limitations in personal genetic testing for diseases; privacy and the ownership of genetic information; the potential for genetic discrimination; setting restrictions in the application of genetic technologies, e.g. reproductive cloning, stem cell research using embryos, and genetic enhancements; patenting and the commercialisation of bioetchnology products; and forensic DNA databanks.

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