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Subscriptions and print/digital packages available!

From: The Spinney Press –
RRP: $30 each (only $7.50 each if packaged in a Print + Digital Subscription direct from The Spinney Press)
Format/software: Interactive PDF using Adobe Reader – can be used on Mac, PC, interactive whiteboards, data projectors
Allows: Flexible site licence – copying (unlimited), printing (unlimited), manage on your own school network and extranet.

* Check with your own school/library IT support on how to manage ‘Digital Editions’ securely on your network or library/learning management system so that you may make the PDFs remotely downloadable to students/borrowers at home.

Digital Editions from the publisher are …

  • PDFs with interactive features – no password required
  • Delivered via email
  • Managed by end users on their own secure network
  • Come with a full site licence – unlimited copying & printing
  • Not an online database product

How to use interactive functions in ‘Digital Editions’ (Adobe® Reader® 7.0+ required): Go to the following link for full instructions on how to use ‘Digital Editions’ – How to use ‘Digital Editions’ (PDF) (325 Kb)

Digital Editions school-wide licence: View our two-page Copyright Agency Limited institution-wide licence agreement at the following link: Digital Editions CAL Licence (PDF) (320 Kb)

1. Questions and answers

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What are Digital Download links?

These are the temporary URL links emailed to you in response to your Issues in Society Digital Editions order or annual subscription, allowing you to download Digital Editions PDF files within 14 days.

Which email address should we supply to The Spinney Press in order to receive our download links?

You may provide any preferred email address, but please be aware the email address will discretely appear at the bottom of every page of the ebook as part of the digital watermark which states that the ebook is licensed for exclusive use by your school.

What is the reason for the Digital Watermark on my Digital Editions?

The digital watermark, which discretely displays your email address and school’s name at the bottom of each page, identifies your school as the exclusive licence holder of your ebook for copyright purposes.

What are the licence terms and conditions for Digital Editions?

All Digital Editions are supplied with a flexible site licence which allows your school to do unlimited copying and printing of your Digital Editions – as long as you manage them securely on your own school network or library/learning management system using a password log-in. For more information you can view our two-page Copyright Agency Limited institution-wide licence agreement at the following link: Digital Editions CAL Licence (PDF) (320 Kb)

Does my school actually own our Digital Editions?

Yes, unlike ebooks hosted on ebook library lending platforms, your school does have direct control over how and where you use your Digital Editions. Please note, however, that you must adhere to the licence terms for the ebooks, as stated when first downloaded (i.e. you must host the Digital Editions securely via password log-in; you are not allowed to allow access/resell your Digital Editions to a third party etc).

What security measures do I need to take in order to host Digital Editions online?

Under the terms of the licence agreement, you are required to ensure your Digital Editions are not accessible by the general public and only available for download by students and staff at your school through a secure password-based login.

Can I manage my Digital Editions on my online library or learning management system?

Yes, you may manage Digital Editions on your school library system (e.g. Oliver) or learning management system (e.g. Moodle) – as long as you manage them securely using a password log-in. You may need to consult your own IT support staff to assist in securely setting up the PDFs within your particular system. The Spinney Press is not able to offer direct IT support in relation to the hosting of Digital Editions on your school’s network.

How can I display my Digital Editions

You may display your Issues in Society cover thumbnails in your catalog by either dragging and dropping the images from The Spinney Press website (no permission required), or sourcing them from SCIS.

What are the interactive functions in my Digital Editions?

Go to the following link for full instructions on how to use the many interactive mark-up features in ‘Digital Editions’ – How to use ‘Digital Editions’ (PDF) (325 Kb)

When does my subscription expire?

Subscriptions are only supplied on a calendar year basis, however renewal invoices are sent out with the last release of titles for the year in late July. If you do not initially renew your subscription, you will be sent up to two reminders before the end of the year.

When are my download links for Digital Editions sent to me?

Digital Editions download links are emailed to all school customers 1-2 weeks after the print books released. See release dates on our website for both print and Digital Editions.

2. Troubleshooting

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My email download link has expired because I did not download the latest Issues in Society Digital Editions within 14 days.

Please contact The Spinney Press to be re-supplied with a new valid link to download the ebooks to your preferred email address.

My web browser does not appear to let me download my Digital Editions links.

If you are using Internet Explorer, this is the likely problem, as it is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is therefore exposed to bugs and compatibility issues. Browsers may behave differently with certain types of software and plugins. We strongly recommend that you install two up to date browsers on your computer – such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome. Having two browsers on your computer allows you alternatives when troubleshooting. If you still have difficulty with downloading your Digital Editions after using an alternative browser, please contact The Spinney Press.

I did not receive an email prompting me to download my Digital Editions.

Please check your spam/junk folder – if you still cannot find the email, or the link has expired, please contact The Spinney Press to be re-sent another download link to your preferred email address.

I do not have functioning Digital Edition files, can you re-supply them to me?

You may have lost, deleted or not backed up your PDF files, or they may have become corrupted. In any of these cases, The Spinney Press is more than happy to re-supply you with a new valid link to download your previously purchased Digital Editions – free of charge. Please contact The Spinney Press.

I receive this message (see below) when I open my Digital Edition. What does it mean?

There is nothing to worry about – there are no functionality problems with the PDF file’s extended interactive features. This default pop-up alert is generated by Adobe in response to the licence holder’s details being automatically watermarked on each page. Unfortunately it is out of our control to stop the message from appearing – please click OK and disregard the alert.

Adobe Reader Error

3. Interactive functions

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Download How to Use Digital Editions (PDF) (325 Kb) to find out how to use all of these interactive features in our Digital Editions:

  • Active web links to source documents and websites
  • Full text search function
  • Sticky note
  • Highlight text
  • Underline text
  • Add attachments
  • Text box
  • Pencil
  • Pencil eraser
  • Read Out Loud accessibility
  • Audio comment


Windows™ XP®, Macintosh OS X


Adobe® Reader 7.0+

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