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  • Facebook competition winner announced

    Facebook competition winner announced

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    Congratulations to Susan Mapleson, Teacher Librarian at Christian College, Geelong! Susan is one of the valued librarians who liked us on facebook and was randomly selected in our competition prize draw for a free annual Issues in Society subscription of her choice. Don’t forget to stay… More

  • Keeping your library collection topical and current

    Keeping your library collection topical and current

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    Our editorial team takes great interest in being across current events and social issues, ensuring we research, package and publish the best available, most balanced content for our resource books. Our latest July titles cover a typically broad range of topics, which are sure to provoke debate,… More

  • Resource books with content from trusted sources

    Resource books with content from trusted sources

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    All the Issues in Society books contain quality information from a wide variety of trusted primary sources, which include: Fact sheets Magazine and journal extracts Lobby group and NGO literature Newspaper reports and features Opinion pieces and commentary Government reports and… More

  • Looking for ways to promote our books to your library users?

    Looking for ways to promote our books to your library users?

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    Our website now offers downloadable and printable full-colour materials to help you to promote your
Issues in Society collection to library patrons, students and staff. Visit Book promotions for librarians to download: Posters – print books by title (alphabetical), volume/ISBN… More

  • Feedback and topic suggestions

    Feedback and topic suggestions

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    The Spinney Press always welcomes suggestions for new or updated topics for possible inclusion in the Issues in Society series. You can direct your content suggestions, or any other feedback, via our website at Contact us page on our website or email us at More

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    Receive our regular e-newsletter

    News - 25 Jul 2016

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  • About Issues in Society

    About Issues in Society

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    'Issues in Society' titles are invaluable, up to date references which are used extensively throughout Australian schools, TAFE colleges, universities and public libraries. Each book in the series is a thoroughly researched compilation of the latest news, facts, opinions and statistics from a… More

  • Standing orders

    Standing orders

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    Due to the overwhelming uptake of customers favouring the various pre-paid annual subscription options, we are no longer promoting Standing Orders for print-only titles on our order form and website. However, if you would still prefer to receive your Issues in Society print titles on Standing… More

  • Digital Editions or ebooks for library lending?

    Digital Editions or ebooks for library lending?

    News - 25 Jul 2016

    Are you still not sure what the difference is between ‘Digital Editions’ offered by The Spinney Press, and the Issues in Society ebooks for library lending offered by our ebook platforms? It’s simple, really ... ‘Digital Editions’ are interactive PDF files which… More

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    Like us on Facebook

    News - 25 Jul 2016

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