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News - 25 Jul 2016

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'Issues in Society' titles are invaluable, up to date references which are used extensively throughout Australian schools, TAFE colleges, universities and public libraries.

Each book in the series is a thoroughly researched compilation of the latest news, facts, opinions and statistics from a huge range of primary and secondary sources.

Ideal for use by:

  • upper secondary school students for assignments, essays and debates
  • secondary school teachers and librarians for a a wide variety of cross-curricular applications
  • TAFE and university students requiring research-ready material for assignments and essays
  • discussion starters for students and teachers of English as a second language
  • interested individuals and professionals requiring an accessible overview on a particular social issue

Information in each 'Issues in Society' title is carefully selected to ensure that it is current, unbiased and balanced. Many titles cover a range of opinions on controversial topics, providing the perfect platform to provoke debate, stimulate critical analysis and encourage further research.

The books contain quality information from a variety of trusted sources and include features such as:

  • Fact sheets
  • Journal extracts
  • Magazine features
  • A range of diverse opinions
  • Lobby group and NGO literature
  • Extracts from government reports
  • Statistics, including tables and graphs
  • Newspaper reports and feature articles
  • Cartoons, illustrations, diagrams and photographs
  • Accessible, magazine-style full-colour layouts

Back Section Features

'Issues in Society' titles also contain these helpful sections at the back of each book:

  • Exploring the Issues (worksheets and activities)
  • Fast facts
  • Glossary
  • Web links
  • Index

Online Research with Digital Editions

All Digital Editions titles (Volumes 320 onwards) are interactive PDFs which contain hundreds of URL links to key online primary source documents and related websites.

Why spend hours trawling the web when Digital Editions provide expertly packaged content – plus active links to the latest information from trusted, mostly Australian sources?

All of these components within 'Issues in Society' print and digital editions are designed to develop a range of study skills and promote independent understanding, evaluation and interpretation of the topic.