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News - 20 Apr 2016


The team at The Spinney Press has been busy producing a new round of topical Issues in Society releases and also adding new features onto the website.

April 2016 titles just released

The latest April 2016 titles reflect a fascinating mix of updated and topical issues across a range of contemporary topics.

Recent upward shifts in the housing market over the past few years have made Housing Affordability a major issue, especially for younger Australians. What are the economic and social costs involved in putting a roof over your head – and who is missing out?

Recent controversial changes in federal legislation to allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes has renewed the nation's focus on Marijuana and Health. What exactly are the harms of recreational marijuana use? What are the potential medicinal benefits in relation to relieving suffering for people with chronic and terminal illness? And what are the legal obstacles in Australia to introducing medicinal use, while at the same time banning it from recreational use and supply? Can cannabis help as much as it can harm?

The Abortion Rights Debate brings up a challenging array of legal and ethical issues in relation to unplanned pregnancy. What are the opposing arguments in response to the availability and timing of surgical and non-surgical abortion, the health and circumstances of the expectant mother, fetal abnormalities, the status of the fetus, and the conscientious objections of medical practitioners? Whose rights should prevail?

Waste Recycling and Energy Saving are two ways we can be better environmental citizens, avoid creating excess waste and be more efficient with our power consumption. This book is a handy guide on how we can all live more sustainably by applying the most effective approaches to better manage our household waste and energy use. Learn how to be a better sustainable consumer and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Global Refugee Crisis is an unavoidable feature on the nightly news. Worldwide displacement from wars, conflict, and persecution is at the highest level ever recorded, and it continues to accelerate – almost 60 million people were forcibly displaced at the end of 2014. What is a refugee, why are their numbers increasing, and what are better-off countries like Australia doing to respond to this growing global crisis?

Digital Editions for schools

Are you ready to finally add digital to your print collection? Or would you like some ideas on how to host your existing Digital Editions titles, or better utilise their interactive functions?

All your questions are answered in the new Q&A, Troubleshooting and Interactive functions sections on the E-books section of our website.

How to promote your Issues in Society collection

Attention librarians: are you looking for ways to promote reading topics to your library users?

Our new Book promotions for librarians webpage now offers downloadable and printable full-colour materials to help you to promote your Issues in Society collection to library patrons, students and staff.

Downloads include:

  • A4 library posters – listed alphabetically by title, numerically by volume/ISBN, and by general topic category
  • Awareness Days and Weeks – 2016
  • A4 Digital Editions poster for schools
  • Bookmarks
  • Digital Editions logo for use on school catalogs and websites

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Book topic suggestions and feedback

The Spinney Press always welcomes suggestions for new or updated topics for possible inclusion in the Issues in Society series. You can direct your content suggestions, or any other feedback, via our website at or email

Yours editorially,
Justin Healey
April 2016