Thanks to our many contributors

News - 1 Nov 2016

Thank You

Valued customer compliments aside, let's spare a thought for the true heroes of the books – our valued contributors!

As you know, the dedicated team at Spinney Press extensively researches, edits and collates the best and most balanced content currently available for inclusion in all our Issues in Society titles, to present a concise and accessible overview on a range of challenging issues.

In the age of the digital economy, it is all too easy – especially for younger readers doing assignments – to blindly rely on the highest ranked search engine results to randomly source often sub-standard, inaccurate information from inexpert websites.

Attention teachers: How many times have you come across student assignments which use poorly cited sources, or poor sources to begin with? The Issues in Society series has never been more relevant, as The Spinney Press continues to 'separate the wheat from the chaff', by consistently presenting a range of high quality content from only the most trusted sources.

Over the past 25 years, we have sourced and reproduced the research, reports and opinions of literally thousands of journalists, authors, activists, academics, NGOs, lobby groups and government agencies.

To all of our valued contributors, we say thank you. We would be lost – or at least much less informed and enlightened – without you!