Digital Editions for Schools

Where: Available only from The Spinney Press
How much: $28-$30 each – only $7.50 each if packaged as part of a Print + Digital Subscription
Suitable for: Schools* | Teachers and Students | Individuals
Format/software: Interactive PDF using Adobe Reader – can be used on Mac, PC, interactive whiteboards, data projectors
Allows: Flexible Digital Editions licence – copying (unlimited), printing (unlimited), manage on your own school network and extranet.

* Check with your own school/library IT support on how to manage Digital Editions securely on your network or library/learning management system so that you may make the PDFs remotely downloadable to students/borrowers at home (must be password protected).

Issues in Society Digital Editions are …

  • PDF format ebooks with interactive features – no password required
  • Automatically delivered (you are notified via email) as soon as they are available in your Account, ready for download to your school’s own network
  • Managed by end users on their own secure network
  • Come with a full Digital Editions licence – unlimited copying and printing
  • Not an online database product, they are stand-alone PDF files only.

How to use interactive functions in Digital Editions (Adobe® Reader® 7.0+ required): Go to the following link for full instructions – How to use Digital Editions (PDF) (139 Kb)

Digital Editions licence: Download the following PDF – Digital Editions Licence (PDF) (190 Kb)

Interactive functions

Download How to use Digital Editions (PDF) (139 Kb) to explore all of the interactive features in our Digital Editions:

  • Hyperlinks
  • Full text search
  • Sticky note
  • Highlight text
  • Underline text
  • Text box
  • Drawing tool
  • Erase drawing
  • Add a new attachment – file or audio
  • Read Out Loud accessibility


Windows™ XP®, Macintosh OS X


Adobe® Reader 7.0+

Remember to download your Digital Editions upon purchase and store safely

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