Alcohol and Binge Drinking

Volume 334

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781921507618

E-book ISBN: 9781921507625

Year: 2011

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Alcohol is the most widely used recreational drug in Australia. Alcohol is so widely used and so socially acceptable that many people frequently consume it to harmful levels. Binge drinking refers to drinking heavily over a short period of time with the intention of becoming intoxicated, resulting in immediate and severe intoxication. The number of young people consuming alcohol at alarmingly high levels has increased significantly in recent years, prompting government initiatives such as the ‘alcopop’ tax in a bid to curb underage binge drinking.

What are safe drinking levels according to the latest guidelines, and what are the short- and long-term health risks when alcohol consumption goes too far? Alcohol-related risk behaviours are also examined, including drink driving, unprotected sex, violence and injury.

This book presents information about the many health and social impacts of excessive alcohol intake and provides tips for promoting responsible drinking choices among young people. When does ‘having a drink’ become far more than a drop too much?

Chapter 1: Alcohol and your health
Chapter 2: Binge drinking
Chapter 3: Alcohol and young people
Worksheets and activities; Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index

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