Cardiovascular Health

Volume 340

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781921507755

E-book ISBN: 9781921507762

Year: 2012

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) covers all diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels, including coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and peripheral vascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest cause of deaths worldwide. Although death rates for cardiovascular disease in Australia have declined considerably in recent decades, it continues to be the leading cause of premature death; the health and economic burden of CVD continues to exceed that of any other disease. Ninety per cent of Australians have at least one lifestyle-related risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

This book provides an overview of the prevalence and types of cardiovascular disease and offers risk reduction advice for the major modifiable risk factors – smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, physical inactivity, overweight and obesity, diabetes and poor nutrition. How is your heart health?

Chapter 1: Cardiovascular disease: prevalence and causes

Chapter 2: Cardiovascular disease risk reduction

Worksheets and activities; Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index

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