Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Volume 335

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781921507649

E-book ISBN: 9781921507656

Year: 2012

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Australia is a vast land in which weather varies significantly in different parts of the continent. Recent extreme weather events in Australia, such as the Queensland floods and Victorian bushfires are brutal reminders of nature’s devastating power.

This book examines the causes of severe and extreme weather, and explores the history of natural disasters in Australia and their impact on humans and the environment. Is global warming increasing the rate of natural disasters? What part does La Nina play in the current extreme weather cycle? Cyclones, floods, severe storms, bushfires, landslides, earthquakes, tsunami – what are the natural and man-made causes of these phenomena, how predictable are they, and how prepared are we for the impacts of natural disasters at a national and global level?

Chapter 1: Climate and extreme weather events
Chapter 2: Natural disasters in Australia
Worksheets and activities; Glossary; Fast facts; Web links; Index

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