Protecting Your Privacy

Volume 465

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781922274304

E-book ISBN: 9781922274311

Year: 2021

$30.00 (includes $2.73 GST)


Privacy is a fundamental human right; it underpins our freedom of association, thought and expression, and freedom from discrimination. It includes physical privacy, surveillance and information privacy. However, it is not absolute, it is hard to define, and sometimes harder to protect. What are the principles and laws that apply to privacy and personal information protection in Australia? How do tech giants like Facebook and Google profit from personal data, and how accountable are they to consumers and governments? Security cameras, CCTV, drones, ID scanning, smart home devices, GPS, tracing apps, and facial recognition technology – how much surveillance are you really subjected to by governments, corporations, hackers and law enforcement? Although privacy laws have expanded in recent years to deal with emerging technologies, there are still flaws and gaps in Australia’s regulation.

This title examines rights and responsibilities in relation to privacy and personal information and shines a light on the growth in digital surveillance. The book also offers advice on how to understand and preserve individual privacy and protect your personal information online. Are we too trusting,
at the expense of our precious privacy?

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