The Abortion Rights Debate

Volume 402

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781925339048

E-book ISBN: 9781925339055

Year: 2016

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Abortion rights address the circumstances under which a woman may obtain a legal abortion in a specific jurisdiction. It is a divisive issue as the rights debate frequently raises ethical and practical discussions in relation to the law, morality, science, medicine, sexuality, autonomy, religion and politics. This book considers the options that are presented with an unplanned pregnancy, and how these options relate to a number of ethical concerns and legal safeguards internationally, and more specifically, in Australia. What are the various ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ arguments in response to the availability and timing of surgical and non-surgical abortion, the health and circumstances of the expectant mother, fetal abnormalities, the status of the fetus, and the conscientious objections of medical practitioners? Whose rights should prevail? Chapter 1: Abortion and the law Chapter 2: Views in the abortion rights debate Worksheets and activities; Fast facts; Glossary; Web links; Index

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