Unemployment and Underemployment

Volume 470

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781922274403
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E-book ISBN: 9781922274410
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Year: 2021

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As the economy undergoes a long road to recovery amid the ongoing pandemic, the devastating impact of the coronavirus on jobs in Australia is becoming clearer. The federal government has managed to keep the current job loss numbers down with pandemic support payments, however this assistance will soon end and in turn the true extent of joblessness will be revealed. Compounding the problem, the rate of underemployment (people needing more hours) has overtaken the jobless rate, and most new jobs being created are in part-time, casual or insecure gig work, affecting a higher proportion of young people. Meanwhile, government welfare benefits have failed to keep up with the costs of living for a number of years, making life for many people even harder, entrenching financial stress and mental distress, and affecting motivation and skills. Is job insecurity now the norm for many Australians?

This book explains the economic fundamentals featuring the latest statistics and report findings. It also explores government and social sector strategies for tackling unemployment and underemployment. Finding a job, and indeed enough employment, can be hard work in itself.

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