Upcoming January 2020 titles

October 14, 2019

Upcoming January 2020 titles

The upcoming January titles are a dynamic mix of new titles, reflecting the evolving issues in our rapidly changing society.

We are excited to introduce these hot topics to the series:

Masculinity and Male Identity (v.449)

What does it mean to be a man in a changing world? Is there really a crisis in masculinity? How can society – and boys and men as individuals – encourage positive, healthier masculinities?

Artificial Intelligence (v.450)

What is artificial intelligence, how does it work, and what are the benefits and ethical concerns? The robot revolution is happening right now – how much do you really know about the impacts of AI on your everyday life?

Activism and Protest (v.451)

This brand new topic examines protest movements, rights and protections, and explores how activism can influence public opinion and hold governments and business accountable. Is the current climate of protest growing hotter for social change? Is Australia witnessing a rising tide of activism which is shifting power to the people?

Conserving Native Forests (v.452)

Looks at the current state of the world’s forests and progress towards more sustainable forest conservation globally. It also focuses on how Australia is managing and conserving its own native forests. What are the sustainable solutions to deforestation and forest management – how do we see the forests for the trees?

Drug Use and Harm Reduction (v.453)

This book explores the ethical, legal and medical pros and cons in the harm reduction approach to illicit drug use, including the debate around pill testing at music festivals. Does pill testing give young people a false sense of security and promote further risky drug use? Or are harm reduction approaches simply about saving lives and giving people a safety net?

Australia’s Energy Debate (v.454)

What are the pros and cons of Australia’s various energy options? Are we adapting quickly enough to renewables or clinging too long to fossil fuels, at a time when other advanced economies are leaving non-renewables behind to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change? Australia’s energy policy debate is far from settled – so how should we power into the future?

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