Rights and Discrimination Web Links

People with disability

Australian Centre for Disability Law www.disabilitylaw.org.au
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations www.afdo.org.au
Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare www.aihw.gov.au/disability
Australian Network on Disability www.and.org.au
Carers Australia www.carersaustralia.org.au
Children and Young People with Disability Australia www.cyda.org.au
Department of Human Services www.humanservices.org.au
Disability Advocacy Network Australia www.dana.org.au
Every Australian Counts www.everyaustraliancounts.com.au
First Peoples Disability Network www.fpdn.org.au
Inclusion Australia www.ncid.org.au
Intellectual Disability Rights Service www.idrs.org.au
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) www.ndis.gov.au
National Disability Services www.nds.org.au
People with Disability Australia www.pwd.org.au
United Nations www.un.org/development/desa/disabilities
Women With Disabilities Australia http://wwda.org.au

The free speech debate

Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au
Australian Law Reform Commission www.alrc.gov.au
Civil Liberties Australia www.cla.asn.au
FreedomWatch http://freedomwatch.ipa.org.au
Human Rights Law Centre www.hrlc.org.au
Institute of Public Affairs http://ipa.org.au
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance www.meaa.org
On Line Opinion www.onlineopinion.com.au
Online Hate Prevention Institute http://ohpi.org.au
The Conversation http://theconversation.com/au

Animal rights and welfare

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (AACT) www.aact.org.au
Animal Ethics www.animal-ethics.org
Animal Liberation ACT www.al-act.org
Animal Liberation NSW www.animal-lib.org.au
Animal Liberation Queensland http://alq.org.au
Animal Liberation South Australia www.animalliberation.org.au
Animal Liberation Victoria www.animal-liberation.org.au
Animal Rights Advocates Inc. www.ara.org.au
Animal Welfare League Australia www.awla.com.au
Animals Australia www.animalsaustralia.org
ANZCCART Australia www.adelaide.edu.au/ANZCCART
Australian Animal Protection Society www.aaps.org.au
Choose Cruelty Free www.choosecrueltyfree.org.au
Department of Agriculture www.agriculture.gov.au
Humane Society International www.hsi.org.au
PETA Asia-Pacific www.petaasiapacific.com
RSPCA Australia www.rspca.org.au
Sentient http://sentientorg.wix.com/sentient
Voiceless: the animal protection institute www.voiceless.org.au
World Animal Protection www.worldanimalprotection.org.au

Religious freedom and discrimination

ABC Religion and Ethics www.abc.net.au/religion
Adherents.com www.adherents.com
Anglican Church of Australia www.anglican.org.au
Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc www.atheistfoundation.org.au
Australian Bureau of Statistics www.abs.gov.au
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils http://muslimsaustralia.com.au
Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au/freedom-religion-and-belief
Catholic Church in Australia www.catholic.org.au
Centre for Independent Studies www.cis.org.au/research/religion
Christian Research Association  www.cra.org.au
Compass – ABC TV www.abc.net.au/compass
Executive Council of Australian Jewry www.ecaj.org.au
Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils www.buddhistcouncil.org.au/fed/home
Freedom 4 Faith www.freedom4faith.org.au
Hindu Council of Australia www.hinducouncil.com.au
Jewish Australia Network www.jewishaustralia.com
National Council of Churches in Australia www.ncca.org.au
Rationalist Society of Australia www.rationalist.com.au
Religion Interfaith Network www.regionalinterfaith.org.au
Religious Tolerance www.religioustolerance.org
Right Now – Human Rights in Australia http://rightnow.org.au/topics/religion
Uniting Church in Australia http://uca.org.au

Sexual orientation and gender identity

A Gender Agenda http://genderrights.org.au
ACON www.acon.org.au
Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW www.antidiscrimination.lawlink.nsw.gov.au
Anti-Violence Project http://antiviolence.info
Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au/our-work/sexual-orientation-sex-gender-identity
Free & Equal www.unfe.org
Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby http://glrl.org.au
Gay & Lesbian Switchboard www.switchboard.org.au
Gender Spectrum www.genderspectrum.org
Living Proud www.livingproud.org.au
National LGBTI Health Alliance www.lgbthealth.org.au
No to Homophobia www.notohomophobia.com.au
Organisation Intersex International Australia http://oii.org.au
The Gender Centre www.gendercentre.org.au
Transgender Victoria http://transgendervictoria.com
Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW www.twenty10.org.au
Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au
Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby www.vglrl.org.au
Zoe Belle Gender Centre http://zbgc.com.au

Gender discrimination and inequality

ACTU Worksite www.worksite.actu.org.au
Australian Bureau of Statistics www.abs.gov.au
Department of Social Services Office for Women www.dss
Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au
The Workplace Gender Equality Agency www.wgea.gov.au
Older Women’s Network www.own.org.au
Office for Women, ACT www.communityservices.act.gov.au
Office for Women, New South Wales www.women.nsw.gov.au
Office for Women, Queensland www.communities.qld.gov.au/communityservices/women
Office for Women, South Australia www.officeforwomen.sa.gov.au
Office of Women’s Policy, Northern Territory www.nt.gov.au/dcm/women
Office of Women’s Policy, Victoria www.cv.vic.gov.au
United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women www.unwomen.org
Women Tasmania http://register.dpac.tas.gov.au
Women’s Electoral Lobby www.wel.org.au
Working Women’s Centres www.wwc.org.au

Age discrimination

Aged and Community Services Australia www.agedcare.org.au
Aged Care Australia www.agedcareaustralia.gov.au
Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au/our-work/age-discrimination
Age Positive http://agepositive.humanrights.gov.au
Council on the Ageing www.cota.org.au/australia
Department of Health and Ageing www.health.gov.au
Department of Veterans’ Affairs  www.dva.gov.au
National Ageing Research Institute www.nari.net.au
National Aged Care Alliance www.naca.asn.au
National Seniors Australia  www.nationalseniors.com.au
National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre www.productiveageing.com.au
Older Women’s Network www.own.org.au
Seniors (Australian Government portal)  www.seniors.gov.au
World Health Organisation (Ageing and Life Course page) www.who.int/ageing/en/

Same-sex marriage debate

Australian Christian Lobby www.acl.org.au
Australian Marriage Equality www.australianmarriageequality.org
Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby http://glrl.org.au
Let’s Get Equal www.letsgetequal.org.au
Procon.org – gay marriage http://gaymarriage.procon.org
Same Same www.samesame.com.au
Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby www.vglrl.org.au

Privacy and information rights

Australian Communications and Media Authority www.acma.gov.au
Australian Privacy Foundation www.privacy.org.au
Civil Liberties Australia www.cla.asn.au
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet www.dpmc.gov.au
Information and Privacy Commission New South Wales www.ipc.nsw.gov.au
Liberty Victoria www.libertyvictoria.org.au
New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties www.nswccl.org.au
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner www.oaic.gov.au
Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner www.esafety.gov.au
Privacy Victoria www.privacy.vic.gov.au
Queensland Council for Civil Liberties www.qccl.org.au
Stay Smart Online www.staysmartonline.gov.au

Dealing with bullying

Better Health Channel www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au
Bully Blocking www.bullying.com.au
Bullying in schools and what to do about it (Dr Ken Rigby) www.kenrigby.net
Bullying. No Way! www.bullyingnoway.com.au
Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service www.cyh.com
Lifeline www.lifeline.org.au
Headspace www.headspace.org.au
Kids Helpline www.kidshelp.com.au
National Centre Against Bullying www.ncab.org.au
Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner www.esafety.gov.au
Reach Out! www.reachout.com.au

Human rights and civil liberties

Australian Human Rights Commission www.humanrights.gov.au
Amnesty International Australia www.amnesty.org.au
Australian Human Rights Centre www.ahrcentre.org
Australian Lawyers Alliance http://lawyersalliance.com.au
Castan Centre for Human Rights Law www.law.monash.edu.au/castancentre
Civil Liberties Australia www.cla.asn.au
Human Rights and Responsibilities Australia www.humanrights.org.au
Human Rights Council of Australia www.hrca.org.au
Human Rights Law Resource Centre www.hrlrc.org.au
New South Wales Council for Civil Liberties www.nswccl.org.au
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights www.ohchr.org
Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

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