Australian Farming and Agriculture

Cover - Australian Farming and Agriculture
  • Australian Farming and Agriculture
  • Volume 422
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 925339 44 4
  • E-book ISBN: 978 1 925339 45 1
  • Year: 2017
  • E-book: $28.00

Agriculture makes an important contribution to all Australian consumers and to the national economy, exporting two-thirds of total production. The face of Australian agriculture has changed over the past two centuries as farmers have developed resilience and adapted to environmental and economic trends. The challenges have been many and varied: changes to land use and farm management practices in response to climate change, water restrictions, farm debt, financial and health pressures on farmers, reliance on seasonal and migrant workers, as well as variable productivity and international competition. This book examines the current state of the agriculture sector and the environmental and economic outlook. What is the future of farming in Australia?