Obesity and Overweight

Cover - Obesity and Overweight
  • Obesity and Overweight
  • Volume 380
  • Editor: Justin Healey
  • Print book ISBN: 978 1 922084 60 6
  • E-book ISBN: 978 1 922084 61 3
  • Year: 2015
  • E-book: $28.00

In the last three decades, obesity has increased in almost every country in the world, among adults and children alike. Globally, more than two billion people are now overweight or obese; among high-income countries, Australia and New Zealand have seen the greatest recent growth in obesity rates. This book presents an overview of Australia’s national weight problem, explaining how body weight is measured and highlighting the causes, health risks and costs of overweight and obesity. General advice is also offered on how to achieve and maintain healthy weight through balanced food intake, increased physical activity, and government policy approaches.

Chapter 1: Trends in overweight and obesity

Chapter 2: Causes and impacts of excess weight

Chapter 3: Healthy weight: food, activity and obesity policy

Worksheets and activities; Fast facts; Glossary; Web links; Index