Gambling Issues

Volume 438

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781925339765

E-book ISBN: 9781925339772

Year: 2019

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Almost 7 million Australians are estimated to be regular gamblers, spending money on one or more gambling activities each month. Australian gambling losses were at an all-time high at $24 billion in the past year alone. What are the actual odds, myths and facts behind the chances of winning on poker machines, racing, live sports betting, lotteries, and at casinos and online? What are the warning signs and harms of problem gambling, and what help is available to people affected by it? What restrictions has the government placed on gambling marketing, much of which is aimed at children and young people across television and radio broadcasts and online? This book reveals the various major forms of gambling activity and expenditure in Australia; it explores the issues involved in dealing with problem gambling; and investigates gambling advertising and its impacts on young people. Why are Australians the world’s biggest gamblers? Are we really winning against the odds?

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