Democracy in Australia

Volume 464

Editor: Justin Healey

Print book ISBN: 9781922274281

E-book ISBN: 9781922274298

Year: 2021

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In a disrupted time of pandemic and recession, Australia has never been more reliant on clear leadership from its elected representatives, while also requiring greater co-operation among its citizens. Striking a balance between accountability and robust governance is a challenge during an era of reduced trust in political leaders by voters, especially among young people. The key principles of Australia’s democratic society include individual freedoms, justice, tolerance of opposing ideas and representative government. Do these principles still hold true when research points to a growing disconnect between politicians and the people they represent?

This book examines Australians’ levels of trust in their elected leaders, looking at how our political system functions between the various levels and roles of government, as well as exploring opportunities for democratic reform. How can Australia better function as a modern democratic nation state in the twenty-first century?

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